Oil pump eaton CB500 T

530.00 (Without VAT)
Eaton-style gear drive oil pump for CB500T delivers 4.5 liters per minute at 2700 rpm and a greater volume at higher rpm, but with a normal pressure to avoid blowing out oil seals. Drive sprocket has splines inside to match the CB500T crankshaft. The spacer between the primary gear and the bearing is not used, as it must be on the 450. The primary drive gear must be reduced in width 1mm to provide clearance for the chain. The primary gear has a bevel on one inside surface, at the splines. Leave this side as-is and it faces inside, towards the bearing. The other side must be cut down 1mm in thickness until there is a flange on the inside, towards the crankshaft, of about 32mm outside diameter. The flanged side faces out against the sprocket to provide extra clearance between the drive chain and the sprocket that drives the pump. Drawings are included with the kit. This kit does not have the possibility for external oil lines.